Subpod™ began with the simple idea to make composting part of everyday life and a way to make the world a little bit better.

Couple with this Ecoriginals wipes being 100% home compostable and our diaper packaging being perfect worm food, the relationship between Ecoriginals and Subpod began with love at first wipe.


We first discovered Subpod when we were looking for ways to showcase our world class compostable wipes. Using only pure natural ingredients, our wipes are made to return to earth - in as little as 3 weeks!

Being able to evidence our eco difference means everything to us and with Subpod we can do just that.

Watch for yourself here:

To celebrate our new partnership with Subpod, Chairman Warren Liackman came to the home of Ecoriginals to show us how easy it was to turn "our natural waste into green waste" by installing a Subpod, adding worms and getting started.

Watch and see how simple and fun it was to set up! Plus Warren shares his top tips.