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The higher your plant based materials are, the healthier they are for baby and the environment. Our nappies are more than 90% plant based wrapped in world first 100% paper packaging. We encourage you to compare and ask questions!

Our unique Plantcell Technology™ was developed to enhance absorbency and performance of our eco nappies. Utilising the inherent properties of nature, we have combined plant-based materials in a way that wicks away more than 900ml of liquid, and traps it in our highly absorbent core with a dual seal system to keep our nappies dry to the touch. Non-GMO corn starch, 100% pure cotton and FSC-certified wood pulp are the cornerstone of our incredible new nappies. There's more information about Plantcell Technology here.

Our nappies are made up of over 90% plant-based materials. Cotton, FSC-certified wood pulp, and Non-GMO corn starch and starch-based elements. To ensure the performance and reliability of our nappies in the frontal tape and tabs (not against baby's skin!), we still have a very small percentage of polyethylene (PE) for strength and durability, which is blended with cotton for extra softness. And a small amount of Lycra around the legs to make sure we stay leak free. We are continuing to work on bringing this percentage to zero in the near future as advances in plant-based plastics improve to a level that we are 100% confident in. Stay tuned. Further information can be found here:

Our nappies are free from nasty chemicals and compounds, such as chlorine, phenols, formaldehyde, carcinogenic dyes and also allergenic dyes - so they are not only safe for babies, but will also protect them from rash, irritation, and discomfort.

Our nappies include FSC-certified wood pulp, non-GMO corn starch, tissue paper and pure cotton sourced from the United States, China and Japan. These materials are then consolidated and shipped to our New Zealand partner factory in China for assembly. Unfortunately, there is no machinery outside of China with the capabilities to produce our premium eco nappies as yet, however we are working closely with partners in Australia and New Zealand to make this happen.

Our pack sizes vary. You can find the quantity of nappies here:

With a tested absorbency of up to 900ml, Ecoriginals nappies and nappy pants are designed to soak up all that is required of them for up to 12-hours. That’s why we’re happy to offer our Satisfaction Guarantee. We know you’re going to love them.

Every little baby is different (which is what makes them so very special); however our most popular combination is the 6 bags of nappies + 6 packs of wipes (delivered every 4 weeks). For a newborn, that is the equivalent of 6.4 nappies per day. If that sounds about right, it’s as great a place to start as any, and you can easily adjust the frequency of your deliveries once you get rolling.

Ecoriginals nappies are more than 90% plant based and biodegrade in three months based on our degradation testing. 93% of our nappy had completely biodegraded in that time, with the remaining 7% being our tabs, cuffs and part of the frontal tape that for the time being require PE (polyethylene) for strength and flexibility. But we’re working on it!

For our nappies to biodegrade in the fastest possible time, we rely on you to dispose of your Ecoriginals nappies without enclosing them in plastic. Biodegradable bin liners are a perfect way to dispose of our nappies, so that they can decompose in your local waste management. Or wrapping them in newspaper or our nappy packaging is another great alternative if you’ve run out of our bags.


Ecoriginals wipes are manufactured in New Zealand in a facility that operates from 100% renewable energy – that’s energy from a combination of wind farms, hydro stations and solar arrays. We’re also proud to say that our nappy manufacture uses the recirculation of water so that not a single drop is wasted.

Our baby wipes are all-natural, and start with a 100% biodegradable, sustainably sourced bamboo fibre textile. Upon that we incorporate ingredients you can understand:

- purified New Zealand water for gentle hydration
- Japanese soybean amino acid (amino acids are naturally produced by the skin) to maintain skins hydration, improve texture and resilience
- organic aloe vera extract to heal and protect
- German chamomile essential oil is soothing for skin and your state of mind
- Vitamin E is a nourishing powerhouse.

In our Goat Milk wipes, we also have the extra nourishing boost from the high-fat content of Goat Milk. And in our New Zealand Manuka Honey variety, the highest grade MG650+ organic manuka honey brings the best of its healing and antimicrobial properties.

And that is simply all (which makes them perfect for adult faces too)

Our wipes can be composted at home with your veggie scraps and green waste. Simply place your wipe in with the worms – or dig it into your garden. But we recommend leaving the #2s for your biodegradable bin bags and your regular waste collection. A wonderful resource if you don’t have your own compost is Share Waste where you can sign up to share your compost bin, or find a home for your scraps. We’re also working towards linking our customers with a service option for your biodegradable waste.
Check our our video on composting wipes

We don’t recommend flushing our wipes. They are compostable and biodegradable however, have not been specifically designed for home sewage systems.


Never worry about running out of nappies & wipes again! By signing up to a subscription, you’ll get our best prices and will save 20%! Our most popular bundle is our 6 pack nappies/ 6 pack wipes. In addition, you have full control over your account and can skip orders, make adjustments or cancel at any time.

Select My Account at the top right of the website. Log in using your existing account details. Select “Manage Settings” on the subscription you would like to update. Select Edit to update your delivery schedule. You can change between 3/4/5/6/7/8 weeks or pause your subscription for 12 weeks if you’re going on holiday or require a little break.

Select My Account at the top right of the website. Log in using your existing account details. Select “Manage Settings” on the subscription you would like to update. Select Edit to update your nappy size and wipes variety. Your current selection will be shown in the variant dropdown box. Select your preference and confirm.

If you have an account, log into My Account using the icon at the top right of our website. You will see your active subscriptions, Account Details and Order History. Click on the downward pointing arrow next to Order History, and your orders will be displayed with most recent at the top. Click on the order number to review details of that order.

We hope that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your experience with Ecoriginals. Thank you for supporting our vision for a better future. If you’ve had any problems with our products, we have a wonderful customer service team who would love to help resolve any issues. Or if your baby has simply grown up and you no longer require nappies, we’d appreciate your feedback as a parting gift, and don’t forget to refer a friend who might enjoy a discount off their first order. Then go ahead and log in to your account one last time (My Account, at the top right of the website), select your active subscription and select Manage Settings. Select Cancel Subscription, and please be sure to let us know your reasons for cancelling.


Ecoriginals are now available through a number of consumer facing online sites here in the UK, if our subscription service is not right for you and we'll be updating our store locator to include these shortly.

Product also available in the USA & Australia

We ship:
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We offer a trial pack that includes a full-sized pack of our plant-based nappies and a full pack of our all-natural baby wipes.

We want to give you a chance to really experience our products and in addition we offer a saving of 20% off your first subscription.
For every order placed we reclaim the equivalent of 25 plastic bottles from the environment to be recycled, plant a tree and offset 10kg of carbon - all for the future of our children.

Hope you will give us a try!

We offer a trial pack that includes a full-sized pack of our plant-based nappies and a pack of our all-natural baby wipes. We want to give you a chance to really experience our products and in addition we offer a saving of 20% off your first subscription.
For every order placed we reclaim the equivalent of 25 plastic bottles from the environment to be recycled, plant a tree and offset 10kg of carbon - all for the future of our children. Hope you will give us a try!

"UK Mainland: 1-3 business days
Northern Ireland: 4-7 business days
Isle of Man/Outer Hebrides: 4-7 business days*
*During Covid our deliveries, handled usually by Royal Mail, have been experiencing delays and we will keep you informed of the progress of your order."

You will receive tracking information from Royal Mail. If you do not receive within 48 hours please send us an email and we'll chase up for you.

If you didn’t receive a confirmation email from us, you should check your Promotions folder and junk mail. If there’s no sign of word from us, log back into your account if you have one and check that your subscription and delivery date looks as it should. If you don’t have an Ecoriginals account, get in contact with our lovely customer service team who will be able to assist you. or via our direct messaging service on our website.


We are the world's first plastic neutral nappy company. For every order placed we: reclaim the equivalent of 25 plastic bottles from the environment to be recycled, plant a tree and offset 10kg of carbon. Our nappies are now more than 90% biodegradable, our baby wipes are 100% home compostable, as is the paper packaging our nappies come in.
According to Government figures, over 3 Billion disposable nappied are used each year in the U.K. And it takes a cup of crude oil to make a standard disposable nappy, with those same nappies taking an estimated 150 years to break down (into micro plastics). Together, we can make a huge impact upon those figures, by simply swapping to Ecoriginals, and letting us continue to work towards a 100% biodegradable option.
We also manufacture our wipes in New Zealand in a manufacturing plant powered by renewable energy. Step by step we are doing our bit to curb society's reliance on fossil fuels. If you'd like to learn more, please visit.
If you'd like to learn more, please visit us here:

Our plastic neutral status is an extension of our commitment to the planet. For every gram of plastic in our products sold, we collect and recycle the equivalent amount of plastic litter through our sustainability partner. They build ethical recycling ecosystems that support local residents in coastal communities – creating a regenerative society where plastic pollution is recycled and reintroduced into the global supply chain as Social Plastic.

Our focus is on a zero waste economy, so our paper nappy packaging has been designed to biodegrade in home compost. Our cardboard cartons that our product is delivered in can be placed in with your paper recycling. Our nappy bags should be composted at home, or if you prefer re-use, then they can be repurposed as a bin liner and for your nappies and sent with your biodegradable waste. The starch coating on the interior of our nappy packaging makes them unsuitable for paper recycling, but the worms love it! And our wipes packs should be recycled wherever you return your soft plastics (for us it’s the local supermarket, but you may have a different situation)

We choose Plastic Bank because they build ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities and reprocess the materials to be reintroduced into products and packaging. In line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals our carbon offset projects and responsible reforestation project are also managed by Ecologi. Learn more here:


We’re dedicated to making your Ecoriginals experience a great one. If you’re not happy with your purchase, the following reasonable conditions apply to our Returns Policy. 

  1. For order errors, please email us within 7 days of receiving your order. Provide order details and any relevant pictures.
  2. For change of mind returns (with the exception of final sale items, promotional items, gift cards and Trial Packs), please email us within 7 days of the delivery date with your order number, reason for return and how many unopened, as received, new packs you would like to return. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs.
  3. Items marked as Final Sale and promotional items (e.g. free gifts with purchase, buy one get one free items) cannot be returned or refunded.
  4. Trial Packs cannot be returned or refunded. Gift cards cannot be returned or refunded (unless required by law)
  5. We only accept returns for eligible products purchased on Ecoriginals online stores. We have great relationships with our retailer partners and if you would like to return a product purchased from one of our retailers, please contact them directly for assistance and information regarding their return policy.
  6. Our returns policy does not cover leaking due to incorrect sizing purchase. We’re happy to work with you on your fit, please contact customer service.
  7. Original shipping and handling fees and international surcharges are not eligible for refund.


If you’ve ordered the wrong size
in error, we will happily exchange provided the following condition are met:

  1. Please notify within 7 days of receipt of product
  2. Kindly understand that we require the customer to cover the cost of return shippings.
  3. Due to the nature of our products we are unable to accept exchange due to packs of nappies your baby has outgrown.
  4. Items must be returned in the same condition as you received them. This means the item must be in the original undamaged packaging.

Our friendly customer service team are always on hand if you have any questions or concerns:


We just love seeing pics of you and your babes loving our products too. If you’re on Instagram, use our hashtag #ecoriginalsbabe and tag us in @ecoriginals. Or if you’re not on social media, feel free to email your favourites to *Please note: by sending us your photos you grant us permission to share those images on our social media platforms. If we would like to engage you and your baby as brand representatives, we will make contact to formalise the agreement.

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered here, please send a message to our helpful customer service team, either using the pop up messenger on our site, or via email they will be able to help you out promptly.