Together, we can make a positive global impact

Together, we can make a positive global impact

Together, we can make a positive global impact


At Ecoriginals, we are proud to announce that we are extending our partnership with Plastic Bank. 


In just 18 months, Ecoriginals have saved 3,193,400 single-use plastic bottles in partnership with Plastic Bank. But we can do better.

Our pledge this Earth Day is to help prevent a further 5 million plus single-use plastic bottles from entering the ocean by 2024.

And it doesn’t end there. Our partnership with Plastic Bank improves the lives of families and each plastic collector. Your purchases help to put food on the table, to send kids to school, to pay for health insurance and so much more.


What does this look like?

Here at Ecoriginals our mission is simple: to offer parents the greenest, kindest, most sustainable products on earth. Where the only traces left behind are the memories of childhood. We do this by systematically reducing the impact of single-use plastic in two-ways: prevention and collection.



The reduction of plastic in our range of nappies and wipes is our priority, as we strive towards eliminating plastic from our range completely. Our biodegradable wipes are made of 100% plant-based fibers and our nappies are over 86% plastic-free. We are designing out the need for plastics and focusing on plant-based materials.

With Ecoriginals, you can have peace of mind that the products you’re putting on your baby’s sensitive skin are free of inks, dyes, chemicals and toxins. You can now choose nappies and wipes that are environmentally conscious and effective at containing those poo-splosions. 



To offset unavoidable plastic, we have partnered with Plastic Bank to buy plastic credits which will contribute towards essential waste management systems in the areas most affected by plastic pollution. Plastic Bank supports the worldwide transitions towards a circular economy. 

Every purchase from Ecoriginals helps to prevent single-use plastic bottles from entering the ocean. The average order of Ecoriginals nappies collects 43 single-use plastic bottles in heavily polluted areas.


Your Impact

You are contributing towards closing the loop on single-use plastic and supporting the worldwide shift towards a circular economy.

But your impact is so much greater than that.

Plastic Bank establishes recycling ecosystems in countries that have high rates of pollution and poverty, and insufficient disposal infrastructure. Plastic Bank employs local citizens from these regions to manage the recycling ecosystems, including management and collection of materials.

Local residents can choose to collect plastic from their regions and bring this to their nearest Plastic Bank branch. In exchange, they receive tokens for money, fresh food for dinner, clean water for their family, school tuition for their children and beyond. The collectors are paid a Social Plastic premium on top of the market plastic value.


Help to close the loop today by purchasing your nappies and wipes with Ecoriginals.

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