Are You A Victim Of The Eco Nappy Con?

Are You A Victim Of The Eco Nappy Con?

Are You A Victim Of The Eco Nappy Con?

You might think you are doing the right thing by choosing a sustainable alternative, but you could be a victim of the eco nappy con.

Being the ultimate eco mum isn’t always easy, and it can be especially difficult when you think you are doing your part only to discover that not all companies are transparent about their ingredients. It can be disheartening to learn that not all eco nappies are created equal and in some cases, you might as well be choosing a traditional plastic option.

Many nappies that claim to be eco-friendly are, in reality, often constructed using the very plastics you are probably trying to avoid. So how can you make sure you're making the right choice? Check out our list of things to look for when purchasing plant-based nappies.

Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

At this point, you may be feeling so frustrated by the misleading marketing of some eco-friendly nappy brands that you are ready to give up on your search for a true plant-based option.

You can combat this by asking for transparency from the brand that you're dealing with. Contact the company directly to ask them what's in their product. If they don't answer with full honesty then you may have your answer.

Our plant-based nappies combine a limited amount of absorbent cotton with other plant-derived materials so the impact is significantly less than traditional alternatives. The 100% pure cotton back sheet and leg cuffs prioritise comfort whilst also maintaining breathability and preventing any unwanted leaks. For further information on what exactly is in our nappies, you can check out this breakdown.

As Natural As The Earth They Came From 

When choosing the kindest nappy for your little one's bottom, and the best choice for mother earth, plant-based is at the forefront of any decision. Often, the back sheet is made from a plant/plastic mix or all plastic, so despite some of the nappy being made from plants, it's prevented from biodegrading back into the Earth. Packaging is also an issue, with a number of eco-friendly brands missing the opportunity to provide compostable solutions.

When you choose our plant-based nappies, you will know exactly what is in every layer, with no risk of hidden plastics. Ecoriginals nappies are world-leading with premium plant-based materials that are also gentle on little bums! Best of all, the paper packaging can be used to dispose of the nappies too without hindering the process.

Unwanted Chemicals

The chemicals that you want to eliminate to keep your little one safe are usually the same chemicals that can have a negative impact on the planet. Plastics, fragrances, dyes, and other toxins not only affect your baby's health but also pose a danger to wildlife and ecosystems - whatever is put down your drain or in your bin has to end up somewhere!

Some eco-friendly nappies are guilty of not doing their part to reduce the number of harmful chemicals that end up in landfill, as many still include components that are irritating to your baby's skin and are toxic to the natural environment.

Ecoriginals are completely transparent about what is in our natural eco products, and are proudly free from harmful chemicals including phthalates, synthetic fragrances and perfumes, polyethylene glycols and phenoxyethanol, and triclosan. How good is that?

So if you are sick of being the victim of the eco nappy con, try Ecoriginals natural plant-based nappies & wipes today and give yourself peace of mind with the expertise of proven results of a world-leading brand.

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